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We are A small, unique Oklahoma City based wedding and commercial videography company. Focused on your vision, your project, your ideas.


At Stout, we’re passionate about media that makes people feel something powerful. We offer a range of motion imagery, photography and video production services, so whether you’re looking for a mini-documentary, or a narrative commercial that tells your company’s story, we’re here to help.




Every video project is unique. Yes there are similar elements woven throughout the industry, but there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. This is where shines. Get in touch with us and we’ll take you through a process that creates a unique, engaging, story-driven video that will elevate your business in this increasingly media-saturated world.



I'm Weston Waugh. I grew up in Oklahoma City and have loved seeing this city blossom. I live and breathe OKC, and I am passionate about creating for businesses that also call this town their home. As I thought about the ideals I wanted to incorporate into I knew I wanted it to portray a sense of sturdiness, reliability, and longevity, as well as create work with rich robust flavor - and thus "Stout" Media was born.


some of our CLIENTS





Story-based / documentary

The Eastpoint Project

The Eastpoint Project video was made for AIA Film Challenge 2019. We awarded as Grand Prize in this competition. We went out to Chicago for a screening, and to participate in a Q&A at the Chicago Ideas Festival 2019. This film was also accepted into the Architecture and Design Film Festival in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Eastpoint tells the story of a new NE OKC development, which was riddled with historic redlining, and conscious forgetfulness. We told the story of how Eastpoint will bring hope and business to raise up this side of town.

Prelude Coffee Roasters

Re-branding can be challenging. We created this piece for Prelude Coffee Roasters, formerly known as Mariposa Coffee Roasters. To convey the re-brand and to get everyone on the same page they asked me to create this video that tells the story of the previous owners, as well as the new ones.

Association of Oklahoma General Contractors

AOGC tasked us with the task of bringing all of the workers together under one common goal.

RESONATE - Available on Amazon Prime

We created this documentary all in-house. In the film you join singer-songwriter, Brianna Gaither, as she embarks on a collaborative journey to explore God's creative nature and to uncover what it means to be made in the image of a creative God.

Click on the image to go to Amazon Prime to watch it!

Free To Live Animal Sanctuary

Free to Live is the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in Oklahoma. We were to create a compelling people to get people to adopt these sweet animals so that they can have a forever home.

advertisements / commercials

Oklahoma Highway Patrol

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol hired us to create a series of PSA’s for football season to drive safely. PSA’s have certain requirements of having to be educational and not just an advertisement. So although we were limited in scope, we had a lot of fun producing a high quality advertisement for OHP.

Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs

ODVA came to us with a need to let veterans know about the benefits to which they are entitled. We created a series of eight different videos like these that took real stories and turned them into testimonials.

Bidscrub Testimonial

We were hired to create multiple videos to explain what Bidscrub is, and how it can help sub-contractors get back their precious time in the bidding process.

Abstract / Creative Pursuit

Scifi short film - Tayvis

A one minute film produced at The Great Salt Plains in Jet, Oklahoma. Focused on sound design and storytelling without words.

Brides of Oklahoma - Behind the scenes

A short 1:00 social teaser video that I made for the magazine Brides of Oklahoma. Shot on anamorphic lenses with pixel sort glitch effects.

Zouassi - Heavy Bones ft. (ft. Oshea Adams & Jeremy Jones)

Here's a music video I produced for the Instagram legend Zouassi. He's been making music for a while now and loves collaborating. So when he came to us with his idea, we took it and ran with it.

The music is abstract and we felt that the video should be as well. The meaning behind the flowers being burned combined with the music is up to the viewer. The purpose is less about a plot, and more about the feelings that you get when you take a second to ponder the music and visuals combined.

Motion Graphics